5 Best Must Have Free SEO extensions for Google Chrome


All SEO's need to perform some task on daily basis. Thanks to internet browsers it helps a lot to accomplish these tasks easily.

Most of the people prefer using Google Chrome because it is fast, its interface is neat and easy to use compared to other browsers. It has large collections of browser extensions. In Google Chrome, one can easily add or remove extensions in one click.

In this article, you will find the list of top 5 SEO Google Chrome Extensions you should use.


1. SEO Quake -

Every SEO's must have this extension. SEO Quake is very useful Google Chrome extension to perform quick on-page SEO audit of any website. It provides you various SEO parameter like:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Index
  • Bing Index
  • SEMrush Rank
  • Webarchive age
  • SEMrush subdomain backlinks

You can also analyze external and internal links with SEO Quake. In real time you can compare domains and URLs with this extension.

SEO Quake recently added a new feature called Traffic Analytics which give you information about what is the traffic status of the website and what are the main traffic sources of that website.

It allows to export all the data from SEO Quake.


2. Google URL Shortner -

This chrome extension shortens the website URL. Google URL shortener the URL which can be easily shared while posting it on social media.

Google URL Shortener also keeps the history of the URL you have shorten using this tool.


3. Moz Bar -

Every SEO's should use this Google Chrome Extension. This is an amazing extension which gives you key metrics while looking at the SERP(Search Engine Result Page) results.

To use this Moz Bar chrome extension you need to log in with Moz then only you will get the detailed information.

In the Free version of the extension, you will get insights about Page Authority & Domain Authority of websites or pages.

To dig deeper you can purchase its premium subscriptions.


4. Tag Assistance -

Tag Assistance is the Google's official chrome extension with which you can check tags present in the website like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager and Remarketing tags whether  they have installed correctly or not.

Google Tag Assistance gives you the information about which tags are available in the website and what is the status of the tags. If there is an error while implementing the tag then this extension will notify you. 

Google Tag Assistance also allows you to record the user flow through your website and helps you to immediately diagnose the issue.


5. Link Research Tools -

Link Research is another tool to which gives you metrics while looking at the SERP. This tool shows some more key metrics compared to Moz at SERP.

 Link research tool will also show you the important key metrics of the website or page while browsing it.

Following SEO metrics gives the Link Research Tool:

  • Number of backlink of the page
  • What is the Keyword Ranking
  • How successful that page is on Social Media
  • Domain and page authority of the page or website
  • Link velocity trend


What is your favorite SEO chrome extension? Do let us know in comment section.


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