6 SEO Tips to Follow in 2018 to Improve Organic Traffic

Organic search traffic is the Number one source of website traffic driver. Organic traffic always defeats social media and paid traffic.

SEO tactics which gives you result in 2017 will not be so effective in 2018.

How to generate organic traffic for a website in 2018?

In this article you will find how to get organic traffic to your website in a few simple steps.

1. Google Rank Brain-

What is Rank Brain?

Rank Brain is a machine learning algorithm which measures how users interact with the search results which helps Google to categories their search ranking.

Rank Brain is the 3rd most important signal for search rankings

Rank Brain closely observes two things:

1. How much time user spends on a webpage (Dwell Time)

2. How many percentage of people clicked on a particular result (Click through rate)

Great content is the key to optimize the website for Rank brain. If people are spending more time on a particular website it means they are liking the website content.

And if many people thinks this way then Google will give a ranking boost to that page.

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2. Create Excellent Content-

Nowadays Google becomes smarter it looks for context of the content.

Good website content not only gives ranking boost to your website  it is the most important factor in the success of the website as well. Great content attract users it helps them to understand about your business services or products.

Focus on writing in-depth content because in depth content ranks well.

Whenever you are going to publish a new piece of content to your website make sure that it is unique and of good quality content.


3. Use Long Tail Keywords-


Short tail keywords are tough to rank high  though they have high search volume but its competition is also very high. Instead of going after these Short tail keywords focus on long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords have less competitions but they drives excellent results. Generally these are the search queries which user types when they are more likely to make a purchase.

Optimize your website content with long tail key phrases.


4. Focus on Voice Search-


Voice searches has increased a lot in last few years

According to Search Engine Watch " Google voice queries have risen more than 35-fold from 2008 to today"

It's going to be increase in future as well according to ComScore "50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020."

Start optimizing your website for voice search.

 1. Include long tail and LSI keywords in your website content

2. Optimize the content with question based query along with their answers.

3. Make your website optimized with structure data.

Free Download: SEO Best Practices Checklist for 2018


5. Prepare for Mobile-first Index

Google rolled out its Mobile-First Index update. In this update they have changed their way of indexing. Now Google's algorithm will consider mobile version of the website as a primary index.

  • Make your website mobile friendly. Take a test here.
  • If you have a m. website then move it to responsive.
  • Have same content for desktop & mobile website
  • Increase page speed of your website


6. Link Building


Link building is still one of the ranking factor. Focus on high quality backlinks.

Following are some popular off page activities which are helpful to increase backlinks:

  • Social bookmarking

  • Infographic submissions

  • Video promotions

  • Image sharing

  • Local listing

  • Product listing

  • Forum posting

  • Blog Commenting

  • Guest posting- Here is the list of some quality sites which accepts guest posts.

Before getting links from any website check for its domain authority and page authority. Always get links from your relevant niche websites.

Do check out your backlink score periodically. Use SEMrush tool to check the backlink score


What do you think about this article? Is this helpful to you? Do let us know in comment section.






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