An Analytical Study on Social Media and It’s Awareness for Student's Education

Social media is one of the highest used technological elements nowadays. It has changed everyone's life literally. We can see the deep influence in every field after the invention of the internet and technology everything has changed.

More than 85% of people use the internet and social media. Social media has become one of the important factors in everyone's life. In olden days only a few people used the internet and social media. But now, not only youngsters but also old age people are using social media for entertainment and also to gain knowledge. It is helping everyone to make their routine work easy and to pass a day without much stress.

But still, there are certain sections of groups who don't know to what extent social media is to be used. What will happen if they cross the limit?

Such group involves school going students and youngsters who are at the stage of adulthood. It is our responsibility to must aware them the positive and also negative use of internet and social media. Social media involves Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. These social media platforms are generally used for entertainment.

They can easily make friends and post share everything that they want. It has made youngsters life colorful but we have to make them understand that if they use such media by crossing limits they will catch in a trap. So everything has its own limits and boundaries which no one should cross.

Some students are irresponsibly using social media and the internet. They don't mind whether they are linked or tagged in the certain post without their permission.  Whether their photo was uploaded by their friends without their permission. But this is a wrong process. In social media for every activity, they need to get permission.

We must educate students about the proper use of social media and the internet. We must make them understand that if they behave irresponsibly towards the usage of social media then they would have to face problems in the future. The Internet is not only for entertainment it is also for an educational purpose.

Mostly students and teens spend their time in social media. Only a few people use social media for the educational purpose. But when they mostly use social media they become addicted to it and mainly students must understand the proper use of social media.

When they get up from the bed first they check the status updates and Facebook and check the news feeds in the social media. Some are educational news but most people interested in entertainment news. Students and youngsters must know to which the importance is given to.

There are so many applications which are very useful and which will entertain people but some may influence the youngsters badly and negatively they may feel low and may lose their self-confidence in a certain way. So every youngsters and student who are using social media must aware of the negative version of extending the use of social media.

Cyberbullying is something that makes a negative effect on students which will destroy someone's self-confidence and self-esteem so never caught to cyberbullying. It is defensive and illegal behavior against which we can file a case.

It's true that social media helps to connect with the world and society. We can interact with our loved ones without wasting our time. But we should never forget our responsibility towards our society and the ones who are near to us.If students use social media in a right direction that will be the best medium of education. Students can get all the necessary pieces of information and knowledge through social media. It depends upon the individual that how to use and to what extent to use.

There is no doubt that social media is really a blessing to this technological generation era but when the use of social media crosses the limits there comes certain problems. Social media really helpful in the educational field when it is used in a proper way. Social media has gained a lot of popularity among youngsters it's a way to escape from boredom. In olden days people used to read books and write to escape from boredom but in this technological era, people use social media for entertainment. If social media used in the right direction it will be helpful to develop a good citizen for the future.

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