WPForms VS Wufoo: Which One is Best Form Builder?

Are you looking for best contact form builder for your WordPress website?

There are more than 1000+ contact form plugins are available for WordPress. However, it is difficult to figure out which one is best for your website.

So, here in this article, we have compared the two best WordPress form builder WPForms and Wufoo so that you can choose which one is best for your website.

Today we are going to compare both form builders on the following parameters:

  1. Ease of Use

  2. Features

  3. Pricing

Before we start with the comparison of WPForms and Wufoo online form builders. Let’s just understand basics about these two form builders.


WPForms is an online contact form builder plugin for WordPress. Creating forms on WordPress websites becomes very easy with WPForms as it does not require any coding skills.

The interface of WPForms is so simple, you just have to drag and drop the fields which you want to add in the contact forms.

WPForms comes with plenty of inbuilt features and pre-made templates, which you can easily customize to create beautiful forms for your websites according to your website design.

These contact forms are mobile friendly and work very well on all mobile devices.

WPForms comes with several add-ons likes you can create interactive surveys and polls, integrate payment options, landing page forms.

WPForms is simple and yet powerful contact form builder plugin for WordPress which allows you to create all type of personalized contact forms for your website.

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Wufoo is also an online contact form builder for WordPress websites. It comes with premade forms templates to create custom contact forms for websites. It also have features like payment integration option and CRM integration.

Like WPForms, it also have drag and drop interface to add or remove form fields and create custom branded forms.

Here are the detailed comparison of WPForms and Wufuoo to find out which one is the best contact form builder.

Wufoo Ease of Use-

Wufoo by SurveyMonkey is an online contact form builder with drag and drop interface which allows you to create contact forms within a few minutes.

To create contact forms using Wufoo you just have to select the fields which you want to add in the contact forms. It has some premade templates which you can use to create contact forms.

You can see the Wufoo dashboard in the below image:  

Though Wufoo have drag and drop interface, however, it looks like old fashioned and not user-friendly. Wufoo also provides theme options to choose themes for forms but it does not have a preview option. You have to choose the form theme blindly and click on the view form button to check how your form will look like.

WPForms Ease of Use-

Compared to Wufoo, WPForms is immensely simple and user-friendly online contact form builder for WordPress. As WPForms does not require any coding skills to create forms on WordPress. It is one of the perfect contact form plugin for beginners who are new to coding or WordPress.

WPForms come up with many pre-built form templates for various types of forms. Unlike Wufoo, It is very easy to locate all the contact form templates in WPForms’s editor. Along with premade templates, it also gives you the option to customize your contact form from scratch according to your requirements.

In WPForm form builder, you just have to drag and drop the contact forms field which you want to add in your website form.

You can also see the preview of contact form in realtime, and then to save settings just click on the save button.


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Wufoo Features-

Whenever you choose any online contact form builder you need to make sure that it should contain all the features and integration options which you required to create powerful contact forms to capture leads.

Wufoo consists of mostly all the basic features like:

  • Drag and drop form interface

  • Custom theme designs

  • Custom branding

  • Payment integration

  • File uploads

  • Real-time notifications

  • Marketing automation integrations

  • Branching and logic

  • Create custom reports &

  • Export data

  • Smart CAPTCHA

  • SSL Encryptions

Wufoo is providing many features but some of its features like payment integration, analytics tracking, file upload option, encryption, and password protection are not available in the starter plan. Also, you can create only 10 forms with its starter plan.

You can check its detailed pricing and compare plans here.

WPForms Features-

Compare to Wufoo WPForms is providing more features. Following are the list of WPForms features:

  • With all WPForms plans, you are allowed to create unlimited contact forms and receive unlimited form entries.

  • You can create unlimited smart conditional logic.

  • WPForms provides unlimited file storage option. Easily upload and save them in your media library and access them whenever someone submits forms.

  • Manage all the entries in a single WPForms dashboard and organize them.

  • It protects your forms from spam with built-in honeyspot spam protection. You can enable CAPTCHA or custom made your own CAPTCHA, or use Google reCAPTCHA to protect your form from spam entries.

  • You can track customers Geolocation and then send them personalized messages.

  • Email marketing automation tools integrations.

  • Create online surveys and polls for your website.

  • Send automatic form confirmation to your users in 3 different ways- Message, show page and redirect to other pages.

  • WPForms provides password protected forms and also you can schedule start and stop dates for your forms, and set the limits for a number of entries.

You can check WPForms features here and compare its plans and feature.

Wufoo Pricing-

Wufoo is providing one free version in which you can create up to 5 contact forms and four premium plans. Their basic plan called as “starter” starts with $14.08 per month. It will cost you around $169 annually, but it has some limited features.

You can refer to the image below and compare its plan accordingly.

WPForms Pricing-

WPForms has one free lite version and four premium plans their basic plan which starts with $39.50 per year and with their basic plan you can create unlimited contact forms and much more.

Refer the image below for pricing and here you can check its complete features and price comparison.


In my views, WPForms is a clear winner and one of the best online form builder.

By comparing both the form builder I would say WPForms is much more user-friendly compared to Wufoo. And it is providing more features at less price.

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