7 Content Promotion Website to Grow Your Website Traffic

Do you want more traffic to your website?

Are you wondering on which website you can share your website content?

In this article, I am going to share free content promotions website in which you can promote content

1. Reddit

Domain Authority- 99

Page Authority- 96

Reddit is the online community where members can share recent news updates, web content. You can share different types of content like site links, text posts, images, videos. Registered users can upvote or downvote and can comment on others posts. Also, users can create communities and subreddits. As per one Reddit thread, there are 638,959 subreddits.

2. Scoop.it

Domain Authority- 90

Page Authority- 92

Scoop.it is the content curation website. Where you can publish curate content, find content on the basis of keywords. You can share scoop.it content to your social media channels. Users can also create topics of their own choice.

Scoop.it  also have content marketing automation software for business and agencies. Find more details of its pricing.

3. Stumbleupon

Domain Authority- 98

Page Authority- 96

Stumbleupon is basically a kind of search engine which recommends content to the users. Stumbleupon has various categories and interests. Users can share content in different forms like website links, photos, and videos. You can also add different tags to your content while posting.

4. Get Pocket

Domain Authority- 95

Page Authority- 93

Get Pocket is basically a website which helps people to save interesting videos & articles to read it later. Once the article is saved people can view content on any device like desktop, mobile, tablets.  Users can also access saved content offline. It has various categories & topics.

Currently get pocket have 22 million number of users.

5. Digg

Domain Authority- 98

Page Authority- 96

Digg is content curation sites.  In Digg users can upvote the content they have liked can share on social media channels.

You can access Digg through the web, iOS or Android devices.

6. Diggo

Domain Authority- 88

Page Authority- 90

Diggo is a bookmarking site with 9 million+ users where people can share and save the content of their choice. Users can also share Diggo content on social media channels.


Domain Authority- 87

Page Authority- 88

Plurk is a social networking site and micro blogging site. Plurk only allows 360 char text to post.   Users can share text and links in the Plurk.  Users can like share content.

I hope these sites will be helpful to you.

Let us know in the comment section which websites are giving you more traffic.




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