Payment Made Simple with ACH Payments on FreshBooks

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Being a business owner your first priority is to make your customer feel valued and provide them with excellent services. Your continuous efforts should be to improve your customer experience.

Along with providing exceptional services, you should also make the payment process pretty simple, streamlined and fast.

Do you know with ACH payments on FreshBooks you can make this process simple?

What is ACH Payment?

ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments is mainly a bank transfer which is recently introduced by FreshBooks for the U.S. customers to get the payments done quickly. With ACH payments, your payments can be done at 2x faster at very low transaction fee.  

FreshBook’s ACH payments is an online payment network with connects all financial organizations in the US. With ACH business owners can transfer funds online from one bank to another.

Get ACH Payments Now

This latest feature by FreshBooks is currently only available for the U.S.

To receive payments via ACH transfers you just need to enable the option on FreshBooks payments. After enabling this option you can allow your customers to choose the desired payment methods.

Now your client can select ACH payments as a payment method and verify their bank account.

Before proceeding the payment process FreshBook payments will confirm whether client have sufficient fund in their account or not. If not then it will disapprove the transaction. If approved then it will deposit the amount on your bank account within 3-5 days.  

By the end of this year, FreshBooks will provide the same/next day deposit!

Advantages of using ACH payments on FreshBooks -

  • ACH payments transfer fund automatically into a bank account and marked them paid in FreshBooks.

  • It is much handy and faster than checks.

  • Unlike other online payment methods, ACH payments charges very small transaction fees only 1%.

Don’t wait try ACH payments now! And get paid 2x faster. Find out more about ACH payments here.



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