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Form abandonment is one of the major issues.

Have you looked at the Google Analytics and analyzed most of the visitor coming to your website are leaving without filling the contact form?

Act now and fix the form abandonment otherwise your business will be at huge risk as you are losing a big amount of money.

You can fix this form abandonment easily by adopting conversational forms instead of traditional contact forms.  

In traditional contact forms or surveys, the list of questions comes at once. This makes form boring and the user leaves the website without completing filling the contact form.

However, these conversational forms are interactive and build user engagement. Conversational forms are just like face-to-face conversations, it gives users one questions at a time which makes them more attractive and conversation rate is always very high.

Here are the reasons why you should prefer online conversational forms:

  • These forms are interactive and enhance the user experience

  • Conversational forms boost accessibility

  • Users can fill out this form using only keyboards

  • Online conversational forms are personal and engaging and easy to fill out

There are many convesational form builders alternatives are available for WordPress. But not all form builder will provide you features you will require to create different types of surveys and website forms and not all form builders are easy to use.

WPForms is one of the best conversational form builder for WordPress. Because it’s interface is user-friendly and does not require any coding skills. One can just drag and drop the form fields to create conversational forms.

Creating conversational forms in WPForms is very simple. With WPForms you can create online surveys, contact forms, online shopping forms, email subscription forms and much more.

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WPForms come with many pre-built templates which you can use, to rapidly create attractive convesational forms with different styling. These WPForms conversational forms looks good and provides a great experience to users. These forms are mobile friendly and work immensely well in all devices.

The layout of the WPForm’s conversational form for WordPress is extremely interactive which increases the forms completions and improves website overall conversion rate.

How to Create Interactive Convesational forms in WordPress with WPForms?

Here is the step by step process to create conversational forms in WordPress using WPForms:


Install WPForms plugin in your WordPress dashboard and activate it.


Next step is to select which type of online form you want to create.

With WPForms you can create various types of conversational forms like user registration, event planning, job applications, survey forms and many more using pre-made templates.

No matter which type of online form you wish to create you can always give it the look of conversational form layout.


Install the WPForms conversational form addon in your WordPress and activate it.

After installation of this addon go to your WPForms dashboard and activate the conversational form addon. Refer image below for more.  

Now your conversational form addon is ready to create interactive conversational forms.


One of the best reason to use WPForms conversational forms for WordPress is that you are allowed to customize it according to your requirements and make it look like your website.

General Settings:-

Go to settings >> General In this section, you can add the form name, description, button text, form CSS and enable the anti-spam feature and captcha option.

Notification Settings:-

By default, notification is always enabled until you go and make it disabled. In the notification setting, you can add an email address on which you want to receive the notification when someone fills the contact form.

Confirmation Settings:-

The confirmation message that displays when the user is done with the form submission to let them know that their request is under process and what should be the next step.

In WPForms convesational form builder you can show a confirmation message to your site visitors in three different ways:

1. Simply display a message after form submission with thank you message and telling them about the next step.

2. After form submission redirect user to some other page of your website eg. Thank page

3. Redirect user to some other website.

Once you are done with the form settings, save the settings.


Now the final step is to setup the conversational form but before that, you have to enable the conversational form mode.

To do that go to setting >> conversational form builder and enable conversational form mode.

Now your conversational form is ready.


Next step is to customize this form. You can customize WPForms easily and this WPForm conversational form builder is very beginner friendly as you just have to drag and drop the fields you want to add in the form.

With WPForms conversational form you can give title to your form, add short message for the website visitors to tell them why they should fill this form.

You can also customize your form URL to make it more SEO friendly and understandable. Customize header and logo of the conversational form, change color schemes which suits your business branding.

Yay!! Your conversational form is ready now. Add it in your WordPress website leverage this form to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

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