How AI is Transforming Digital Marketing Industry

Artificial intelligence(AI) is rapidly reshaping every industry one by one. The world of digital marketing and advertising is no exception. Adoption of AI in digital marketing is accelerating the business process and increasing ROI.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence in digital marketing strategies is providing excellent outcomes and improving the user experience.

Google's RankBrain is one of the biggest example of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing.

 In 2015, Google rolled out RankBrain algorithm to handle users search queries. Google's Rankbrain utilizes a machine learning algorithm to understand users search queries and acknowledge them.

RankBrain is now the third most-important ranking factor to rank websites in the search result page.

Let's have a look at how artificial intelligence is changing the world of digital marketing:

1. Predictive Analytics to Understand Customers Behavior-

Predictive analytics uses historical data and machine learning algorithm to forecast the future trends.  

Predictive analytics is helping digital marketers with useful insights which can be utilized to understand the customers' behavior and forecast their buying journey.

With the help of predictive analytics marketer can easily understand prospects buying behavior, take better decisions, plan budget and marketing strategies.

Marketers can leverage this valuable data to channelize their marketing efforts in the right channel and with right content messaging to convert their target prospects.

Marketing professionals can use Google's double click campaign manager to get the better understanding of targeted audience and employ these insights to achieve desired results.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages-

Google's accelerated mobile pages (AMP) uses artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience in mobile devices and give personalized user experience.

Google rolled out AMP webpages in October 2015 to reduce the webpage load time in mobile and boost customer experience.

Implementing AMP in your website increases the chance to rank higher in search results.  

3. Enhancing User Experience-

AI powered chatbots are playing a significant role for business owners to improve their customer experience with instant messaging.

Enabling chatbots in websites can be helpful to solve customers' queries with live chat support. Chatbots can assist customer queries 24x7 without any tolerance, it can also handle multiple clients at a time.

4. Audience Insights to Improve Paid Advertising-

Facebook and Google Ads are unlocking the potential of machine learning techniques and providing new opportunities for marketers.

With Facebook and Google paid advertising marketers can target ads according to audience interest and reach out to the targeted audience to get more conversions.

5. Optimize for Voice searches-

With the launch of AI personal assistants Amazon's Alexa, Siri, Google Home and other alternatives. Voice searchers have been increased a lot in past few years. And researchers have been predicting that by 2020, 50% of searchers will voice search.

As voice searchers are  increasing, it is crucial for digital marketers to optimize their website for voice search queries.

Use long tail keywords in your website content. optimize website content with questions related keywords which your customers can use for voice searches.

Create location specific landing pages and optimize website content with location specific keywords.

6. Personalize User Experience-           

Artificial intelligence can be used to create a personalized experience for users. Customers love personalized experience. With artificial intelligence, you can analyze data and customer behavior on the basis of geographic location, demographics and previous interactions with product or services and create the customized experience for particular customers on website. You can also send personalized automated emails to get user attention.

Final Thoughts

Utilization of artificial intelligence is saving both time and money of digital marketers. AI is helping the marketer to perform tasks hassle free, repeated tasks can also be easily performed without wasting too much time on it.

Now it time for marketers to find out their pain points and use the power of AI to solve their marketing challenges, use insights to get more leads.

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