How to Make a Perfect Video Script

Do you want to invest in a digital video marketing campaign to promote your company, your product or your services? The video has an ever increasing power in the race to conquer the attention of the target, so better to know all the secrets to work better avoiding wasting time and money. But above all, making sure you create an effective and quality content.

In this article we will talk about the script and its importance during the creative process of a video in a digital video marketing campaign. You will understand why it is essential to write it well and that beyond the concept, even the Tone of Voice (the expressive modality) plays a very important role.

Screenplay, what is it?

The screenplay is the text that contains the development of the story, the dialogues of the characters, the director's notes, and the stenographic, photographic and narrative descriptions of a video. Unlike the subject, which is the idea understood in a more general way, the script is almost ready to be shot.

How do you make a screenplay?

Once you have identified the message you want to convey to your target, start throwing down all the ideas that come to your mind about the content and development of your video. Once you have scrambled those that you consider less valid, concentrate on what seems definitive. Work on it, extend it, stress it, synthesize it. At this point you will have a subject, to be transformed into a script.

Screenshot 2018-09-26 at 16.42.51 The screenplay, which lives in symbiosis with the storyboard we talked about, should contain dialogues, then study the characters well and the general Tone of Voice of the video. In addition to the dialogues there will also be the direction and photography notes, in this case you will have to choose very well the mood with which to transmit your message. Then there are the narrative notes, in which the actions that advance the story are described in a precise way.

If you already have an idea but you feel stuck and uncertain about its development, one of our experts is available to offer you a free consultation to help you make a change to your project.

Four tips for a perfect script

As with all creative processes, there are small tricks that, if followed with the right method, will allow you to get a good, effective and successful result. The construction of the characters, the story, the right duration, the psychological construction of the protagonist, the budget and more. Let's find out together.

1. The idea, first of all

The idea is not an illumination that is raining from the sky. The idea is the result of internal listening and the collection of external solicitations. Even if it occurs suddenly it must be verified, compared and, if necessary, upside down, reinvented or simply confirmed. The idea behind your video is the real pillar that, if well structured, can be successful. The surprising element is very important, but it should not be free and without thickness. There may however be a provocative starting point that drives the story of the contents. The video must be distinctive and reassuring, confidential and authoritative, exciting and concrete. In short, do not be afraid to invest all the energy on the idea!

2. Characters

In a promotional video the characters represent precisely your company, your values, your Tone of Voice of your reality. Carefully take care of their dialogues. Words are important, choose the register, the tone, the cadence, the pronunciation and the psychological construction (even if they are real testimonies). If your video will last a few seconds, the psychological construction of a character will emerge the same and therefore the conception of your brand.

3. Time

Bad to say, but on the web a winning video is more successful if it is short. Every second you can cut away without breaking the balance and the message of your video, it's a small step towards your target. Get help from a person who you consider suitable for this task so as not to risk cutting off some scene that would have totally changed the effect of the final video.

4. Glance

Already in the script stage, think at a glance that your video should have, especially in the initial seconds to capture the user's attention and stand out from the hundreds of other videos. Use intense colors or a black and white incisor, a whimsical rhythm or a single sequence plan, but do not forget to always remain consistent with your message and your Tone of Voice. Seduce who looks at you, leaving you the pleasure of choosing your proposal.

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