How to be More Productive at Work (10 Ways to Increase Productivity)

To be successful in this competitive world you need to be productive at work. But how to stay productive and motivate all the time?

In this article, you will find the ways to increase your productivity at work.


1. Perfect Planning-


An excellent quote by Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Proper planning is required to achieve any goal. Make a daily routine plan and strictly follow it. Learn to prioritize your work. Find out the crucial project and task which are important, address them first. Then work on the less important tasks which will not impact the results.


2. Set Goals-

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Set goals for yourself by dividing your bigger project into small-small actionable steps and set deadlines for each. It will help you to complete the project in dedicated time.

Tack your progress by using goal tracking apps like GoalsOnTrackWay of Life and Strides. By tracking your progress will improve the self discipline and will encourage you to finish your work on time and stay focused.

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3. Minimize Distractions-

To remain productive and motivate at workplace it is necessary to keep yourself away from distractions. While working turn off mobile, mail and text notifications. Don't spent too much time on internet surfing turn it off when not required. To achieve your target you have to be consistent and stay progressive.      


4. Upgrade Your Knowledge-  

To be one step ahead in this competitive edge try to learn something new daily. Learn new skills, tools, technologies or latest trends in your field. This is the way to enhance your performance,  be productive and motivated all the time. Updating knowledge from time to time will give your career a boost.


5. Quit Multitasking-


If you want to do more work in less time stop multitasking. Human brain is designed in such a way to focus on one thing at a time, you can't focus on too many thing in one time. Multitasking may affect your productivity. Finish one task and then switch to another.

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6. Time Tracking-

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Tracking time while help you to identify how much time you are spending on a particular activity. It will help you to spend your time wisely and improves productivity. You can use online tools or apps like  TogglHarvest and Timely to track your time.


7. Listen Carefully-

Whenever you are in meeting or having calls with your team or clients be attentive and listen to them carefully. Listening will help you to understand and gain detailed insights about the project, business or tasks. It improves communications and increases productivity.


8. Be Healthy-

Good physical and mental health is necessary to be productive at work.  Eat healthy food avoid junk to keep yourself healthy. Do exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy and energized at job and to lead  stress free life.


9. Take Short Breaks-

Taking short breaks at regular interval of time actually improves productivity and keep your mind fresh and energized.


10. Reward Yourself-

It is not necessary that someone else should reward you. Even if it is very small achievement you can reward yourself. It will motivate you and help you to achieve your goal.

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