MonsterInsights: Google Analytics Plugin for your WordPress WooCommerce

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools to evaluate the success of any eCommerce website.

Google Analytics provides useful insights to help you understand customer behavior, measure results and compare data with the previous period.

These insights can be helpful to measure business success and make crucial decisions.

Using Google Analytics in your eCommerce store can help to learn more about your audience and customer’s buying behavior.

Are you wondering how to set up Google Analytics in your WordPress WooCommerce website?

Setting up Google analytics in WooCommerce website becomes easy with MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress WooCommerce websites.

Integrating Google analytics in WordPress website for eCommerce store can be done easily within a few clicks with MonsterInsights.

Here are the steps to install MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugins for WordPress Website:


Install MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugins in your WordPress dashboard.

Click here to download the plugin.

Activate the plugin after installation.  


To enable the eCommerce tracking go to MonsterInsight plugin dashboard and enable it. Refer the image below for more information:

Now your MonsterInsight Google Analytics plugin is ready to start tracking your commerce website data.

You can check the Google Analytics data in the MonsterInsight WordPress dashboard. To view that go to eCommerce reporting section.

Here you can have a look at the all-important metrics like website conversion rate, a number of transactions, revenue generate and much more.

Below is the screenshot which will help you understand how your reporting section looks like.


Features of the MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress:

MonsterInsights comes with many inbuilt features. These features will help you enhance the performance of your website.

  • Setup analytics in WordPress quickly

  • Check stats in real time

  • E-commerce tracking for WooCommerce, Easy digital downloads or Member press

  • Find which post is performing better

  • Integrate Facebook instant article

Find out more about MonsterInsights features here.


MonsterInsight offers free and paid subscriptions. In the free version, you will find limited features.

MonsterInsights provides three plan in paid subscriptions “Agency”, “Pro” and “Plus”. Their basic plan starts with $99.50 per year. Get more information on pricing and its features here.

Find out the image below for complete pricing information about the MonsterInsight Google analytics plugin.


Find out more about pricing here.

MonsterInsights Google analytics plugin if one of the must-have plugin for WordPress WooCommerce websites. This plugin provides many features and required less effort to set up and easy to use. Download it Now.

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