Uncover The Secret to Customer Happiness: Surveys with WPForms

 Business success is determined by their customer satisfaction.

To stay ahead in this competitive world it is necessary to understand what your customers likes and dislikes.

Have you ever wondered what your customers think about your product or services?

The purpose of these online customers surveys is to discover your customers perspective about your products or services.

The customer who is using your product or service can tell you more about his/her experience with the product or services and what is right and wrong and what can be done to enhance its quality.

You can collect this information from your customers by doing an online survey for your company. And analyze this data to understand user behavior and take important decisions to improve the customer experience.  

Here are some reasons why you should survey your audience? And how surveying your audience can be beneficial for your business?

1. Customer Loyalty-  

Satisfying your customers need is very important to achieve success in the business. When you survey your audience you will get to know, what they like and dislike about your product or service and what improvement you need to meet their expectation.

When your customers are happy, they become loyal customers and they start sharing their experience with others and referring you to others.

2. Customer Engagement-

When you survey your audience it improves customer engagement with your company. When you ask them to share their feedback and insights it increases their engagement with your brand and company. When you address their concerns customers feel appreciated and valued.

3. Understanding Customer Base-

Online surveys are a great way to understand your customer base. Adding some demographic related questions like age, gender, location, hobbies etc.  in your survey form, it will help you understand better about your customer base.

4. Compare Results-

Conducting online customers surveys from time to time will help you gather customers feedback for benchmarking purpose. You can utilize this data to compare the results from time to time and see what changes can be done to improve products and what is the possible outcome of the changes were implemented.

How to Create a Survey in WordPress?

Creating online customer surveys and polls is very easy in WordPress websites. You can install WPforms plugin in your WordPress site.

WPForm is a drag and drop contact form builder which allows you to create surveys and polls in your website.

Here are the reasons why I am recommending you using WPForms Plugin?

  • The interface of WPForm is easy to use and it does not require any coding skills you just have to drag and drop the fields you required to create the interactive survey forms.

  • WPForms has many built-in features and pre-made templates from which you can easily customize to make interactive contact forms for your WordPress websites.

  • All WPForms are responsive and work extremely well with all devices (desktop, mobile, tablets).

  • WPForms also allows you to integrate email marketing software like constant contact, MailChimp etc.

Get WPForms Plugin Now

How to Create Survey in WPForms?

Developing online customer survey and polls with WPForms is very easy-peasy. Before we proceed with this make sure you have installed WPForms plugin in your WordPress website and it is activated.

Click here to install WPForms plugin

1. Now go to your WordPress dashboard. Under the section, WPForms click on Add-ons.

2. Select the survey template. This survey template will have some by default fields for users to leave feedback.

But you can still customize this survey template according to your requirements. Now your survey form is ready.

3. Another big reason why I prefer using WPForms to create online customer surveys and polls because of its reporting features.

WPForms empowers you to create reports for your surveys and polls. There are two types of reporting is available in WPForms survey reporting and poll results.

WPForms will display the results of the online survey in the admin panel of WordPress. However, You can add poll results on the website for the audience to view results. Check more features of WPForms plugin here.

4. To enable survey reporting go to Settings » Surveys and Polls. Click on the advance option to enable the individual field functionality for survey reporting.


5. To enable poll results first you need to set up the confirmation message that will display when user submit the result. To set up confirmation message go to  Settings » Confirmation and choosing the Message option.


6. Now next is to check the poll result option to set up this go to Settings » Surveys and Polls

When this option is enabled, Uses will be able to see the results immediately after submitting the answer with the confirmation message.

7. WPForms also permits you to customize your poll display option. You just have to add the poll result shortcode in that page.

8. After collecting responses from your customers your next step would be to generate reports and analyze results. To generate report go to WPForms » All Forms and hover over the form to display additional options.


For all the fields you will be able to see the graphs, tables and pie charts. You can also print or download these reports in a PDF or image format.


Now your survey and poll forms are ready to use. Install this plugin now to start creating surveys and polls for your company. Get WPForms now.
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