Voice Search: How to Optimize Website for Voice Search Rankings

As we all know that in the last few years there is a massive increase in voice search queries. In the coming years it is still going to increase. Researchers have been predicting that “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020” according to comscore.

People are more preferring voice command options for online search queries with the launch of AI(Artificial Intelligence) assistants like Amazon's Alexa, Siri, Google Home. Voice search options are faster, convenient and save lots of time and efforts. This is the reason why people are more liking it. Mostly teens are utilizing the voice search options more compared to adults.

Here is the infographic by Google which will help you understand which age group is using voice command option more and what kind of voice search queries they are performing using voice command option.



Nowadays every age group is using voice search feature to perform online searches. Which means that every business must start considering voice search optimization as a part of their marketing strategies.    

But, How to optimize for voice searches?

Voice search SEO is slightly different than the traditional SEO. In this article, you will learn how to optimize the website for voice search rankings.

Here are the simple SEO strategies to optimize the website for voice search rankings

1. How to select keywords for voice searches?

When people type something on smartphones or on the desktop they type small phrases (mostly these small phrases are of two words) to find information because they don’t want to waste time on typing long term phrases.

But on the other hand when people do voice searches they assume that they are talking to human and say long phrases or questions because it requires less efforts and time.

So, while doing the keyword research for voice search optimization firstly you need to understand how human ask questions. And what kind of question or long term phrases they can ask related to your business, product or services.

You can use SEMrush keyword analysis tool to find out the long tail relevant phrases for your business. Try out different terms in SEMrush to find keyword phrases for voice search.In SEMrush tool when you type a keyword in search bar and click on the related keywords it will give you more keyword ideas.  

Now optimise your website content using these keywords and drive conversions to your website from voice searches.


2. How to write content for voice search optimization

When people perform searches by typing something generally they type small phrase. This makes difficult for search engine to understand the intent behind their searches and what information user is looking for.

But in case of voice search user search for long phares or question based queries and this can be easily recognize by the search engines and they are able to find out the intent behind the queries and this works in favour for marketers. So consider this thing while optimizing the website content voice search.

Write the website content as if you are having conversation with someone. Include question and their answers in your content. Make sure that you are adding product, services or business related question and answers in your content that your targeted audience can ask for. Use question words like how, what, who, why, which in your content.

You can use SEMrush topic research tool to generate question related topic ideas for your business. With SEMrush topic research tool you will get the valuable insights about the question related content which you can utilize optimize your website SEO for voice search.


3. How to optimize for local voice searches

Most of the voice search happens to find the local information than typed searches. Generally people include terms like “near me” or “nearby” while searching something using voice command option.  

For example: To find nearest restaurant in local area people can search for “ best restaurant near me”  

Local business owners can get the benefits out of it by optimizing website for voice searches.

To rank high in local voice searches you need to make sure that your website is completely optimized for local SEO.

  • NAP(Name, Address and Phone Number) should be consistent across on all web.

  • Setup Google My Business and bing listing and verified the correct address and add complete business information

  • Correctly implement schema for local on your website



4. How to Optimize website for mobiles-

This is one of the most important factor which you need to consider if you want your website to rank for voice searches. Why people uses voice searches because they want instant and fast results.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly and completely optimized for mobile devices. And it loads faster on mobile devices. If your website is slow than you will get rank for voice searches. Ideally pagespeed should be less than 3sec.  

  • Website theme should be responsive

  • Site layout should be simple

  • Avoid the use of flash or Java

  • Font size and font style should be readable

5. Get into Featured Snippets-

Currently Google Assistant and Google Home is fetching the data from featured snippets and knowledge graph to answer voice search queries. If your website is ranking for featured snippets then you will get rank for voice searches. Optimize your website content to get rank in featured snippet.

Voice search optimization is more about content. If your content is well written in form of conversational tone then you have excellent chances to rank voice search queries. Implement these voice search optimization tips will and improve your voice search SEO.


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