WPForms: Best Alternative to Google Forms?

As we all know that conversion rate is one of the most important metrics in the world of digital marketing. All that you do in digital marketing is to convert your website visitors into paying buyers for your business.

If the visitors coming to your website are bouncing back, not filling the contact forms then this is very frustrating and depressing because your time, money and efforts got wasted to bring those visitors to your website.

One of the major reason why users are not filling the contact form is your landing page is not optimized for conversions.

Here are some important aspects you need to consider while creating landing pages for your campaigns:

  • A good headline along with shot description which clearly explains users about your offer.

  • User-friendly and distraction-free landing page form. Avoid adding too many form fields

  • Keep your landing page simple and appealing. Do not add too many elements.

  • It should have an eye catchy and clear call to action.

Creating landing page forms on WordPress is a bit challenging because forms layout are controlled by WordPress themes and most of the themes does not come with form layouts.

Also, some of the WordPress themes do not allow you to build custom landing pages.

And this forced WordPress users to start using Google Forms.

That's true Google Forms is one of the widely used online form builders to create surveys and contact forms.

Google forms became one of the most popular contact form builders among many peoples and organizations because it is very simple and free of cost, these are the two main reasons that makes it more likable among the users.

However, very soon you will realize that it is lacking some features such as:

  • It has very limited form templates.

  • You cannot customize contact forms to beautify it by adding CSS.

  • Payment integration option is not available.

  • You cannot collect files from the users who do not have Google accounts.

  • It does not allow you to manage and set up workflows as you cannot integrate CRM.

So what is the best alternative for Google Forms? Well, the answer is WPForms.

Let's dig deeper to understand why WPForms is one of the best alternatives for Google forms?


WPForms recently launched “Form Pages addon” feature to help business owners and organizations improve conversion rates by creating distraction-free landing pages in WordPress.

Click here to install this plugin.

Creating a landing page and forms is quite easy with WPForms as it does not require any coding skills or any web developer helps it can be done in just 5 minutes.

Powerful Features of WPForms-

  • Payment integration

  • Marketing CRM integration

  • Create conditional logic

  • Create smart surveys

  • Form abandonment technology and much more

How to create custom landing page forms with WPForms?

To create custom landing page form all you need to do is go to WPForms setting in your WordPress dashboard and enable “Form Page Mode”.

It also empowers you to add your brand logo, custom page title, description and landing page URL. You can access all these options in the same setting page itself.

Install WPForms plugin now


WPForms comes with two different form style called as modern and classic.

The classic form style will give you look and feel of forms similar to Google Forms. While modern style will give you the look and feel of latest form designs, which you always wanted to have in your website to improve your converstion rates.


WPForms lets you combine these form style along with six pre-made color schemes. It also allows you to create your own custom color scheme by selecting the main color. Then WPForms will generate other colors and gradients automatically to build your color scheme.

Once you are done with the changes then save the settings. Now your custom form landing page is ready for the campaigns.


WPForm’s Form Pages is one of the best alternatives for Google Forms for WordPress websites. It has everything which you need to build an excellent landing page that converts your visitors into potential customers.

Look for the long term success and Get WPForms Now.

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