How can SMB’s to Beat Big Companies in SEO

Every business whether it is big or small has some sort of online presence. And they all are competing to get ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

As with the time SEO has changed. The business owners not need to get scared about how they will get the organic traffic or leads without spending much money on it.

Here are the few SEO strategies to implement which can be a very effective for your business to get an excellent ranking in the search engine ranking:

Focus on Long Tail Keywords-

To compete against big brands on high search volume keywords in the search ranking is very difficult. So here is the opportunity for the Small business to optimize their website with long tail keywords.

"Long tail keywords are the key phrases which are mostly used by the visitors when they are about to make a purchase."

With long tail keywords website can easily get ranks in the organic listing. Though website traffic will be less for these keywords but conversion rate will be high.

Quality Content-

content is the heart and soul of the SEO. Without content, your website can’t survive. Your website content should be unique. It should contain text, images, infographic, Graphs. Add relevant keywords in the content


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